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About Nice

Nice, a sea front city on the French Riviera, is in the heart of the second French touristic region.


From your arrival, let’s take a walk and be disoriented by whole paths of palm trees following the famous Promenade des Anglais. You can also enjoy the charm of it's seaside resort as well as its numerous cultural treasures.


It is worth getting lost in the happy and animated streets of the old town in order to experience the colorful markets, craft boutiques, cafes, and restaurants with their sun-drenched culinary specialties such as oignon tart with anchovy, little stuffed vegetables and socca (chickpea pancake).


Artistic, cultural and culinary treasures hide behind the facades of Nice's palaces and churches illuminated as they are by the brilliant sun of the French Riviera. Among these treasures, carnival, Nice Jazz Festival, theaters, and museums but also numerous sports activities like water sports, scuba diving, golf, pedestrian courses.

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